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Alton Database systems : by Rob, Peter Decision - making during international crises / by Robert Jonathan M. Developing a strategic business plan with cases : by Crowner, Robert P. Developing management skills / by Whetten, David A. Elementary theory of economic behavior / Encyclopedia of small business : by Hillstrom, Kevin Enrollment management : by Hossler, Don Entrepreneurship : by Hisrich, Robert D. Environmental audit guidelines for Uganda / Environmental standards and preliminary environment impact assessment for water quality and discharge of effluent into water and land in Uganda / Essentials of management / by Duncan, W. Jack Experiencing international management / by Punnett, Betty Jane Experiencing strategic management / by Kemmper, Robert E. Financial management of the small firm / by Walker, Ernest W. Fundamentals of professional selling / by Kurtz, David L. Global strategic management / by Lasserre, Philippe Human resource management : Human resource management / by Byars, Lloyd L. Human resource management / by Byars, Lloyd L. Information processing systems for management / by Hussain, Donna Instructors manual to accompany human resource management / by Byars, Lloyd L. International dimensions of business policy and strategy / by Garland, John International marketing / by Cateora, Philip R. Introduction to management accounting / Introduction to management accounting / by Horngren, Charles T. Introduction to management accounting / by Horngren, Charles T. Introduction to management practice / by Burke, Ronald S. Language at work / by Gough, Nigel Long range planning : by Warren, Kibby E. Management : by Dale, Ernest Management : by Cole, G. A. Management : by Carlisie, Howard M. 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Promotion management and marketing communications / by Shimp, Terence Purchasing principles and management / by Baily, Peter Retail management : by Berman, Barry State of the environment report for Uganda 1998 / Steps to strategic management : Strat-analyst to accompany strategic management: concepts and cases Strategic management : by Wright, Peter Strategic management and business policy / Strategic management for decision making / by Stahl J. Michael Strategic management: process, content, and implementation / Student guide to accompany supervision : by Byars, Linda S. Study guide and computer supplement to accompany fundamental mathematics for the management and social sciences / by Emerson, Lloyd S. Study guide to accompany fundamental mathematics for the management and social sciences / by Paquette, Laurence R. Supervisory studies : by Betts, P. W. Teach yourself ... word 5 / by Scanlon, Leo J. Text instructors manual to accompany strategic management and business policy / by Wheelen, Thomas L. The assesment of college performance: The competition game : The competitive edge / by Ichniowski, Casy The executive game / by Henshaw, Richard The guide to case analysis and reporting / The health management information system manual Vol.2: the district level The health management information system manual; Vol.1: the health unit level / The information jungle : by Holsapple, Clyde The managed economy :papers presented to section F; by Millichamp, A.H. The management and marketing of services The practice of management Understanding conflict and the science of peace / by Isard, Walter Water supply and pollution control / by Viessman, Warren